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Miranda Gold Corp. (TSX-V: MAD) is a gold exploration company concentrating its generative efforts in Nevada's Cortez Gold Trend and Colombia. Our focus is exploration - the stage that offers the strongest rewards and growth potential for shareholders. Mitigating the risk of exploration is done through our joint venture business model and strategic alliances, both allowing us to be active on 16 projects without diluting our share structure or our treasury - currently sitting at CA$8.0 million. Led by some of the most experienced and talented geologists in Nevada and Colombia, Miranda Gold Corp. is committed to the exploration and discovery of world-class deposits in some of the most promising gold districts in the world.

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We have launched a new program for dealers to sell us gold. We have totally changed our price sheet. To see all the details please go to:

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Free Gold & Silver Price Charts Go to the link and see free gold and silver price charts for your website. In exchange for a simple text link, webmasters can put these charts on their website at no charge. just copy the link below and paste it in your address bar to see the free price charts and how to install them on your webpage:

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We are the real SD Gold Refinery

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Gold closed at $1643.60 today in NY according to

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Today gold prices closed at $1661.10 per troy ounce.


You can check live gold prices anytime with this link to our website.

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Attention people in San Diego who want to sell gold!


NY spot Gold prices broke a new record high and are now above $1600 per troy oz.  This new price level is the highest ever.

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$37.50 per troy oz.


We buy silver coins, bars, medallians, ingots, sterling art bars, and large sets of tableware.  We sell silver coins and bars.

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In the past 2 days we have been overwhelmed with calls from people wanting to buy investment grade silver.  We are out of stock.

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Gold Refinery of San Diego now offers xrf gold assays at our buying office on Mission Gorge Rd.  Previously we only did assays at our refinery.  Now we can do assays on the spot at our buying office.


X-ray flourescence allows us to test gold in seconds.  We can do a 90 second test and detect the exact percentage of gold, silver, platinum, and/or paladium content in a sample with a margin of error as low as 0.01%.


XRF gold assays are free (as-needed basis) to people interested in selling gold to us.


If you are not interested in selling us gold, but you are interested in having a sample tested, we can help you for a small fee.  If you are interested in purchasing an assay, call us before coming by.  We will advise you when you can come by and how to prepare your samples.

Gold Refinery of San Diego


phn: 619-516-GOLD or 619-516-4653

fax: 619-259-5022

 xrf gold assay test

5859A Mission Gorge Rd

San Diego, CA  92120

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Ominous start for gold prices in 2011?


The 1st four days of trading, the price has fallen in US dollars. 




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We are seeing increased gold selling due to the holiday season.  It appears people want extra money for Christmas and the other holidays.  Gold, silver, and platinum coins also make excellent presents and we can help you in this area. 


FYI: Over the last year silver prices rose 64%.

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The FED is claiming low inflation but prices at Walmart are quickly increasing.


See the following article for details:

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Melt Scrap Gold
We are constantly asked how to melt scrap gold.  You need a furnace that gets up to at least 2000 degrees F.  Heat the gold in a crucible.  Add Borax powder.  Stir with a graphite rod.  And pour your gold into a hot graphite mold.  Brush some oil onto the mold ahead of time, so the gold won't get stuck.  Use safety equipment (gloves, eye protection, apron).  If you are melting an item with an air pocket, it could pop (basically a mini explosion) so be careful.


If you are just getting started, you can use a small desktop furnace like the one in the picture.



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