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Posted By Gold Refinery of San Diego

Melt Scrap Gold
We are constantly asked how to melt scrap gold.  You need a furnace that gets up to at least 2000 degrees F.  Heat the gold in a crucible.  Add Borax powder.  Stir with a graphite rod.  And pour your gold into a hot graphite mold.  Brush some oil onto the mold ahead of time, so the gold won't get stuck.  Use safety equipment (gloves, eye protection, apron).  If you are melting an item with an air pocket, it could pop (basically a mini explosion) so be careful.


If you are just getting started, you can use a small desktop furnace like the one in the picture.

Posted By Gold Refinery of San Diego

Gold's new all time high (set today) is

$1350.40 per troy ounce.


Silver's new 30 year high was set today at

$23.21 per troy ounce.




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